Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Email and SMS Marketing, Bookings and Scheduling systems, Social Media Management and Engagement, and more.

We provide a range of tools and services which will supercharge your customer engagement. Make it easier for your clients to engage and interact with you, for bookings, announcements, updates, and more. Struggling to find time to implement a consistent social media presence? We also help with this, making sure you are visible to your customers when they are needing your services.

Email and SMS Marketing

We run a world class email marketing and sms platform. Our system is based in Australia, which is ideal for Australian businesses for many reasons - data security, invoicing, and support. Our features rival that of MailChimp and other well known providers, and the system can be used for newsletters, announcements, information forms/catpure, and more. Featuring customisable forms, drag and drop message editor, a huge choice of starter templates, full reporting including heat and click maps, and more.

Bookings and Scheduling

If you run a small business, it can be tricky managing your workload especially if that includes appointments and bookings with your clients. With our booking and scheduling system, you have flexibility to setup your service offerings, allow clients to book or request your services, capture payment at time of booking and issue invoices/receipts, and more. We even include a client portal. All things considered, your business will look and feel professional, and your clients will have an easy time scheduling their next session.

Client Record Management

Once your customer base starts to grow, you'll find it beyond useful having a system which can help you track your customer information and services. Take notes on your services and sessions, track individual projects or variations in your services, store shared documents such as intake forms or project signoffs, issue estimates and invoices, and more. Combined with the Bookings and Schedulings, this becomes a very robust tool for managing your clients and making sure you continue to reduce 'no shows' and line up work into the future.

Social Media Management

We provide a range of Social Media Management and Engagement services to support your business. This is so often neglected by small businesses due to a lack of time. Our services take this task off your hands, freeing you up to run your business. We determine a regular posting schedule that is suitable for your business and your budget, and prepare posts in advance. You have access to a shared calendar to approve posts and see an overview of all upcoming activity across your various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Social Media Reporting

As part of our Social Media Management services, we can provide in depth reporting on your social media profiles, for metrics like activity, engagement, audience, and more. We can also track your key competitor and quickly compare your efforts and results with theirs. By understanding what is working, we help you to focus your social media activity and efforts to ultimately create a community which is interested in your products and services, and which you are engaging with at the optimal time for sales and sign ups.

Privacy First Analytics

If you're looking to understand how your customers engage with your website, but are not interested in the usual options which have 'questionable privacy practices', rest easy knowing we offer a fantastic Prviacy First website analytics system. You'll still receive insights into popular pages, inbound sources, user country and device, and campaign tracking, but our system doesn't use 'cookies' or other intrusive tracking methods. Give your customers peace of mind that they can safely browse your website.

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