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We bring your idea to life.

We are all about building wonderful solutions, about bringing your idea to life. We design and build websites, provide tools for email marketing, and support you with your digital projects.


Ficabo is a small, dedicated digital studio for web design, web development and customer engagement, based in South East Queensland. Ficabo is run by Cameron Russell, a consultant and developer who has supported small and medium sized businesses throughout Australia with innovative solutions.

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Who are we?

Ficabo is a different kind of agency. We are part consultant, part developer, part creative. We are wholly committed and dedicated to building wonderful solutions. We strive to help small businesses above all else.


What do we do?

We provide and build wonderful solutions, including modern websites, ecommerce websites, print materials, customer engagement tools like email and sms marketing, and much more.


When do we do it?

We help our clients all year round - most weeks of the year and most days of the week. Our work and schedule is based around the projects we have on and the needs of our clients.


Where do we do it?

We call the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD home, though we work and collaborate with businesses around Australia and overseas. There are great tools for working and collaborating remotely.


Why do we do it?

We do what we do because we love building and delivering wonderful solutions. We particularly love helping small businesses by empowering them with modern solutions, helping them to be successful and grow.


How do we do it?

We provide our solutions by using modern and trusted platforms and technology. We are saying goodbye to some of the old ways, and embracing the opportunities and tools that are paving the way for the future.

Our Approach

It's important to us that you not only have powerful, modern solutions, but that you also know how to use them. We empower you to maintain and use the solutions to the extent that you are able to, within the time you have available and your skill level. Where you need some extra help, some more detailed or technical changes, or simply don't have the time, that's where we can step in to help you and help your business scale.

We also like to see our clients implement a consistent design and branding across all their channels (website, socials, email templates, print material, etc.). It's important that your message resonates across all mediums, and that your current and potential customers can identify with your business.

The work we do is always customised and tailored to your business. We start by talking with you, discussing your business and goals, understanding your message and customers, and come up with a concept that matches your business identity. We don't just give you an off the shelf template and send you on your way, we focus on building a long term relationship where we can help you succeed and grow over time.


After years supporting professional services businesses (small and large) with requirements like websites, custom development, marketing, business, technology and automation, it was time for a new direction. Ficabo was created to focus on small businesses, on those who really need the help. The help to get going, to be empowered and in control of their digital systems, to be able to manage them to the extent of their abilities but have a trusted partner to turn to for assistance and advice.

Ficabo is a vision for Digital, Consulting and Solutions which break the norm, breaking free of old traditions and providing something better. The name Ficabo is inspired by a meaning of creating and building that which is required.

As we grow, so will our team, along with our growing community and family of customers. We welcome you to join us on this amazing journey.

We look forward to achieving great things with you.


Ficabo is owned and run by Cameron Russell. Cameron's background is providing digital and technology consulting and development services to professional services firms, particularly law firms. With years of industry experience helping businesses, a keen attention to detail, and a dedication to building and providing wonderful solutions, Cameron is well equipped to help.

To speak with Cameron about your next project, call +61 (07) 3130 0001 or email cam@ficabo.com.

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